Summer 2005

The wind makes every cell spin slowly, the weather being the main input for reaction. Each cell is created equal, but some depending on the current situation, –a critical mass of comunication, and the amount of attention they receive. Takes on the role of being coordination leaders. The decision of collective action been passed on from each individual to the next.

Neighboring trees with their own flocks of botts may join in on the action, spreading from tree to tree.

As time goes by the branches are growing, leaf come and go, winds changing. And so, -the task of leadership goes to others who find them self in the center of the flocks. For those on the outskirts of communication the messages may be lost, keeping the individual playing on with its own uncoordinated action of blinking light


A solar-cell version, for permanent placement is in its development. Climbing up and changing batteries every week is just to much.

Flocking animals like herring, sparrows, deers, etc, uses the same kind of flat democratic organization. For some natural scientists this was a surprising discovery. What did they expect, a constitutional monarchy?

Work-cases, and projects from
Oslo School of Architecture and Design


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