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Spring 2006

Advantages compared to other similar instalations and sytems:
• Flat system, no need for large projector beam room behind or in front of "canvas"
• No need for regularly and expensive projector bulb replacements
• No heat from projector and the problems of dust-burning
• No need for computer maintenance
• Flexible system with small "image creator", made in solid aluminum
• Very low energy consumption
• Extremely long life-span. 30 000 hours (in active mode, in real situation a lot longer)
• Long range system with precise sensing edges
• Interaction is not dependent on "hugging the wall" and gives a more freely, and less weird playfullness.


The photographers camera seen as a silhouette.

The technology was developed partly by a inspiration from criticism of electronic art in the public space.
Both factors as life-span and maintenance costs as well as a "inflation in abstract multi-input/ random/lets do it all at once" art earlier created, who in my point often loses its touch with its audience.

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Interactive architecture

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