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Winter 2005

The software written in flash, based on macromedias motion detect. Instead of color detect, using the "white color" that appears when filtering out any light except infrared.

Balls had to be built very rugged to survive the impact. Problem being the AAAA batteries used and their great amount of mass. Skipping the light-effect, using only battery energy to run the IR, would allow a lighter ball with button-cell batteries. The glow could be replaced with luminance ink, interactivly charged by a UV led.



Snowballs made of bubblewrap with the cold glow of LEDs is a synthetic recreation of wintersnow appearance.
A dysthopian scenario where kids lingering for snow creates their own winter magic using bits of scrap and computers..

Each ball interconnected with the computer cold activate, and change function using coded IR signals. A game of "spell cast" inspired by D&D would give physical movement into home roleplay gaming.

Work-cases, and projects from
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Physical videogame

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