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Summer 2005

Ildflue is a projected installation I did together with Rasmus Hildonen. It uses the dynamics of flocking behavior to create a astonishing light experience.

A few hundreds of small micro-controller "bugs" trapped in sample-jars hang from park-tree branches.

They communicate with both visible and for humans invisible light-signals. Creating a dynamic flashing landscape similar with real firebugs. When certain parameters are present they go into collective behavior, filling the dark night with sudden light.


Ildflue was refused by the annual art exhibition Høstutstillingen. By some described as a promising sign of actually having created new contemporary art.

Flocking behavior is very interesting.
I wanted to look into the technology to create something inspiring. Often when this subject is researched it is the prospect of creating new killer-machines for the army. The challenge, how to get a flock of robots thru a door and reach their target without clashing together or been caught up by lack of decision…

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